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To “leash” or not to “leash”…..That is the question!



I was so against baby leashes back before I had my first son. In my head I felt like it was treating your child like a pet. I would see parents in public with their kids on leashes and yes I will admit I did judge them. How could they do that to their child? We are humans not animals! What bad parents! I would never do that! Well after having my second son I had a change of heart.

My son is 16 months and walking and running and very active. He has a tendency of just running out of nowhere lol. We took a family trip to a very nice park in Atlanta called Lenox park. It’s a beautiful park with a nice nature walking trail and great for picnics and family time. The park also has a huge pond and little creeks along the trail. We took my sons there one weekend to feed the ducks and just run around and play. It was a disaster!

Where should I start? Well….my 16 month old was so excited about the ducks that he wanted to chase them. My husband would put him down so he could run around and then suddlenly he would just take off! full speed towards the ducks and pond. I was having mini heart attacks the whole time. We finally convinced them to walk the trail which I figured would be a little safer. I was wrong. The trail had little creeks and hills and it was difficult to just let my 16 month old run free and enjoy himself like his big brother was doing. Thats when I turned to my husband and said…”I think we need one of those backpack leashes” We both laughed but it was clear that’s what we needed.

I don’t look at it as a “leash” I look at it as safety wear. I would rather have one then to let my son run and fall in a pond or roll down a hill plus they are super cute! They come in the form of backpacks so the child will enjoy wearing it and you can also store their toys and snacks. I feel so bad for judging the parents I would see with one bc now I really think they are useful for active kids. Great for large crowds and your child can feel like a big kid while walking and not in a stroller. You guys can judge me..I don’t care but I will be shopping for one for our next trip to the park!


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Oh Don’t Grow UP….Please!

You want your child to grown up and be a independent person and a overall big boy/girl, but do they have to grow up so fast? My 4 year old has gotten to the place where he doesn’t need mom to help with everyday things. I must say when he learned how to get on the potty by himself and even wash his hands I felt a little sad. What breaks my heart a little each time is when he says “No mom, I can do it on my own” I shed a internal tear every time. In my head I’m thinking how dare you grow up! 

Last night I’m getting him ready for bed and I tell him to go lay down and of course he didn’t do it. I look in the bathroom and find him brushing his own teeth! I know its a small thing but I have helped him the past 2 and half years and all of a sudden he can do it on his own. I wanted to cry…yes cry. I was so happy that he was able to do it on his own but sad that he didn’t need my help anymore. My baby is growing up!! He doesn’t need help getting dressed or going to the potty or getting dressed and before I know it he will be bringing girls home and moving out! Your child growing up is bitter sweet. I’m so proud of him and he is setting such a great example for his 16 month little bother who loves to try to do every thing his big brother does!

Mother hood is such a WONDERFUL thing. Kids are so darn precious and are truly a blessing from god and why we want our children to grow and do things on their own..deep down we wish they could stay little forever!


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Toddler plus a newborn..How to balance it all!

My sons are 3 years about. When I had my youngest it was very challenging to me to try to include my 3 year old at the time in all the activities of my day. Having a new born after 3 years is a big adjustment. It made me remember how much I love my naps! My husband worked outside of the house and I worked from home and cared for the children during the day. All my time was so focused on my newborn Kaleb. Cleaning, cooking and feeding all at one time!  The problem was that when I would get the newborn sleep that’s when my toddler would want to play and make noise so I had to explain to him that his brother was trying to sleep. When I would be rocking my newborn my toddler would get jealous and try to climb up in my lap for me to rock him also. I would try my best to do both but sometimes you just have to try to explain to your toddler that his brother is a baby and needs special attention. I found that encouraging my toddler to be a big boy worked alot. He would try to help change diapers and feed him. It was the cutest ever! 

My husband came up with idea of having “Eric’s Day” which was a special day durning the week that was just for him! He could do or go where ever he wanted. Well almost, he wanted to go to the moon the first time lol! but it was more like a one on one trip to the park or to chuck e cheese or to the zoo or toy store. He absolutely loved it! Now that he is 4 and my youngest is 1 its a lot easier. We are still working with my toddler on sharing. I mean for 3 years he was the center of attention and that was a big change but so far he is doing a great job! Believe it or not my 1 year old is the one having a trouble sharing and also hitting…like what’s up with that? He gets so mad when you say “no” or “stop” that he will try to attack you or throw something. I try to just ignore it because i think he is wanting the attention so when i do ignore him he seems to calm down a little. Bottom line is that my boys are my WORLD! and I’m still adjusting everyday to having to kids…and thats how it’s gonna stay..2kids! no more!!!! 


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Poop Wars!

I’m sure i’m not the only one who has been a solider in the “Poop War” yes I said poop war. It started with my oldest son when he was 2 going on 3 and for some reason he loved to play with his poop. He was in pull ups and the time and when he would poop he thought it was play dough or something. When the children are quiet then you know they are up to something. One day i’m at home with my 2 year old son. I’m in the living room folding clothes and catching up on the news. I noticed that it was very quiet bc I would usually hear my son playing and banging and yelling in his room. I didn’t. I decided to go check to see what he was doing. I turn to go to his room and at first glance I see nothing wrong until I get hit in the face with the smell of poop. There is poop EVERYWHERE! On his bed, on his walls, and even on his face. What’s more horrifying is that he looks at me and saids “Hey mom look I got poop on me” mind you he is saying this while smearing it on his face like its soap!!!! omg!! That’s all i could say was OMG! I had no clue what to do! I just looked at him and screamed “Don’t move! Don’t touch anything” I froze bc this has never happened to me lol. Once I processed what was going on I finally just turned and ran to the bathroom and turned the water on in the tub. I grabbed a few towels and picked him up and stripped him down trying not to barf the whole time. Of course he is laughing bc he thinks it is funny. I throw him in the tub and just go crazy cleaning him. I had to drain and clean the tub 5 times while cleaning him. Finally got him clean and now i had to deal with the clean up of his room.


I called my mom to come get him so I can clean up. Once she picked him up I strapped on my face mask and armed myself with bleach and pine sol and every cleaning product I had. It was war time! I went to work and had to stop 2 or 3 times bc i couldn’t handle it lol. It was on his tv on his ipad on this train track and all over the walls and his bed was covered in poop. I through all his covers in the trash bc it was no use to trying to wash. It all had to go! I finally got it all cleaned up and all I could do was sit there and laugh. I laughed so hard I had tears lol. I then went into my kitchen and poured a big glass of wine bc after all he was at nana house for the time being and after that war I deserved a medal but I would settle for wine!


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This is what you Don’t do!

This is what you don’t do.

Don’t let this world make you bitter. Don’t let the actions of other people turn you cold on the inside. Certain things happen that hurt us,people come that leave us, and most of all there are moments when you’re bound to fall. Don’t Let those things make you unkind. It’s ok to cry. Its ok to be sad but it’s never ok to do other people wrong just because you were done wrong. We’re human. We break. We make mistakes but don’t let pain and sadness run your lives. Wake up in the morning and do what you think is right.

There are moments in your life where you feel like giving up and you can’t take it anymore. It’s ok. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. I know you’re weak but the things that show your weak side are also the same ones that make you stronger in the long run. It’s all about taking whatever life throws at you and learning from it. You are awesome and beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Live “fool proof” Amen

If you know someone who says they don’t believe in God, Let your love and kindness be what changes their mind. Pray that God will use you to build a bridge to their heart. Everyone has a God-shaped hole inside that only He can fill. Don’t ever condemn people. Don’t try to correct them.  Don’t mock their hurts. Don’t argue with them.  Jesus never argued with people. He just went around doing good and healing people. He showed mercy and love. He showed kindness, and its His kindness that leads people to repentance.

Today, live your life “fool proof” by acknowledging  God in all of your ways. Show love and compassion everywhere you go. Let your life be a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness and be the one to show others the path to Jesus Christ!



Being a Perfect Mommy is Overrated

So I thought I was all “Wonder Mom” because I make my kid breakfast every morning. And home schooling an academically gifted child ain’t a walk in the park either… especially since I’m not even close to being academically ANYTHING. Plus, being a WAHM (Work At Home Mom… not “Wham!“) means I have to somehow fit 12 hours of work into 3 hours, every day.
And then I see all the really neat things other moms have crafted and cooked for their families & homes… and suddenly, I’m relieved nobody has reported me to the DCFS for neglect… lol.
I really do admire mommies who have the time and patience to dedicate several days of the week for craft projects with the kidlets. The creative mommies who decorate their homes to help celebrate the different seasons of the year. Health conscious mommies who make certain everyone meet the daily nutritional requirement for every vitamin and mineral. If you are any or all of these, I salute you. ♥

So even though I may not the “perfect” mommy I envisioned myself to be before I became preggers, I now realize that I don’t get points deducted for instant noodle dinners and passing out on the floor. Most important, my kid’s crazy about me…


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